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How COVID-19 impacted people’s lives



Every changes in life would cause multiple positive and negative effects on everyone’s routine and culture.

Butterfly effect

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. The idea that small causes may have large effects in general.

The virus, COVID-19, was first identified in Wuhan, China in December, 2019. It started to spreading all around the world quickly. As  result, today nearly 12 million infected people have been detected in 188 countries with around 600 thousand death.


COVID-19 has had a great number of positive and negative effects on the human life, culture, economy, ecology and environment.

During the lockdown and self-quarantine, the earth has been recovered. Greenhouse gas rates has been reduced and the Ozone layer was somehow restored.



There were a lot of economic damages. Many factories, businesses, hotels and restaurants stopped working. Schools, universities and other educational institutes use internet and social media facilities as a result. After lockdown, all of them started to create educational networks to continue learning. This increased costs for electricity and internet usage to continue courses and hold online classes.



Expenditure for government has been raising for many factors. Some of them are hospitals and their member of staff who have worked 24/7 ensuring sufficient COVID testing takes place for suspicious people to save the society. There were also many businesses whom the government helped for the production of masks, gloves and other medical tools.



People used to hug and kiss families and friends, visit each other, hold parties and celebrate many events and gatherings.

But nowadays most of people refuse to attend such events.


The end of the travel and tourism industry

Using internet is raising quickly among people. They use delivery services for shopping and also social media to be in touch with their families and friends.

Delivery services have a great impact on cutting the transmission chain of COVID-19 by decreasing face to face contractions. Moreover, they are also more reliable, cost efficient and time saving.


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