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How to package more than one item in the same box



Sometimes a customer orders more than one item, it’s better for everyone to put them all in one box.

First, you need to keep this in mind that packaging more than one items in the same place needs some consideration. When you think about packaging your product, you can save more money and also ensure better delivery, and more satisfied customers. So, we have provided some tips for you to package more than one product in the same box that results in a higher standard.

Try to use these tips when you want to package different things of the same order in one box.

Think ahead

If you want to package your products, the main problem is in the details. You may have your own method of packaging, However, it may be challenging if you want to put different sized things into one box. You should consider and find the best method of packaging your products.

To ensure the safety of your parcel you can also use Peyk peer to peer delivery service to have the parcel at the  receiver’s hands as soon as possible, you can send all types of parcels up to 15 kilograms and 45*45*45 centimetres with Peyk.

Package firmly

Try to fill all the Empty spaces if you want to pack your products safely. Your products can move in the empty spaces during the delivery and may cause damage for the contents. To fill the empty spaces and prevent the movement of products inside the box, you can use bubble wrap, foam, or even scrunched up papers.

When you are done with that, check the package again. You need to ensure that you packed everything. It is better to double check now, instead of hearing the receiver that something is missing.

Let your courier know

Ensure that your courier knows multiple products are packed in the same box. Tell them a detailed list of everything that were packed in that box. This is to ensure that everybody has the required information if the package damaged or get lost.

If you want to send your parcel with Peyk, you are more than welcome to use our mobile app or the web dashboard to process your deliveries, You can download the Peyk application at the App store or Google Play store or as an alternative you can click here to access our web dashboard.

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