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Did you ever forget your keys or want to send a pot of home made food to your child at school?
The courier industry is time consuming, expensive, involves dispatch centres and usually unavailable at midnight.
Well, this is where Peyk comes in. Peyk is a 24/7 platform that allows you to instantly send or receive anything from A to B.
At Peyk, we are transforming the way people send items to one another.
With just a couple of clicks through the app, you can have your nearest Peyker personally deliver your parcel. Its fast, cost efficient and easy to use.

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Our journey:

Peyk was founded at January 2018 and started operations on September 2018 in the City of London. Up till now, Peyk has received £280k Angel investment and has successfully revenue generated since day one.
Peyk has been in a challenging but rewarding journey since its launch. There were some serious challenges regarding the the operational stability during early ages however, our team successfully overcame these issues as we became more experienced in this sector. Now Peyk's business model has proven itself in the UK and it is the right moment to scale up and take things into the next level.

Our Team:

We at Peyk believe the team is the most important element in the success of startups. Vast majority of the investors invest on individuals rather than the idea. Therefore, we have carefully selected and built our team to maximise efficiency and productivity in the workplace.
We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion. Our team members come from wide range of different backgrounds and this help us to be very engaged with our customers as well as Peykers.

Why Crowdfunding?

Today, we are seeking for a funding of £200,000 through individuals like yourself to join our exciting journey. We have chosen crowdfunding as a new alternative to venture capitalists or angels as we believe our service is designed for our society and contribution from the society will be much more sensible so that is why we have the honour to present to you.

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Lets just remember,

The idea was not to make a delivery service, it was to change the way people think towards deliveries.

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