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Peyk is a platform that allows you to send any parcel within the town at the quickest and cheapest possible way. Save your time by avoiding the use of post by sending your package immediately through Peyk. We avoid dispatch centres, so your package simply travels towards the destination as soon as its picked up. Don’t forget its safe and trackable.
All our Peykers are fully verified and checked through various security checks. We do have their information so as soon as anything goes wrong, they will be stopped. We will also provide separate parcel insurance * on those who want to take the next step in added security.
Our application is available for both iOS and Android. Simply use the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store to download the app onto your device.
It is very easy and convenient to sign up and start working as a Peyker. Simply visit our website, click on the ‘Become A Peyker’ tab and then simply follow the steps. Remember that Peyk provides a flexible working experience with funds sent you immediately after a trip.
The Peyk app is a very user-friendly application to work with. For more information visit the ‘How Peyk works?’ page at how Peyk works
The registration process is fairly simple. Once you download the app, simply login using a Google account or by using an email address. When you enter an email address, you will receive a verification code that will be used to verify and proceed to home page. The main profile and payment setup will be conducted when you are processing your first order.
Our app sets trip prices based on the certain parameters of an initial rate and rate per distance (miles). You will then provide your bank card details and the required payments will be taken from your account accordingly. Please note, we do NOT accept cash payments.
Any given codes can be used in the ‘order form’ when placing a new request. There is a clear designated section to type in and submit the code. You will also immediately see the change in price of the trip once the code has been accepted.
It depends on the code. Sometimes we provide promotional codes for short events and occasions, so they might expire. Whereas, the other gift share codes are long term.
From the time a Peyker receives a package to the time it delivers it, Peyk operations would take care of your package as best as they could. However, after the digital signature taken upon delivery, Peyk will no longer be responsible for any causes to the parcel. The digital signature will be kept as a proof of delivery by the team.
At the end of the trip, you can provide the Peyker with a rating and also write down any comments you have. If they are a compliment, we try to reward the Peyker; whereas, if it is a unacceptable report, we will get in touch and sort it out with them. Customer service is key at Peyk and we would definitely take consumer comments very seriously.
After completing the online application and receiving the confirmation email, you will be asked to visit the Peyker Enrollment centre to collect your merchandise. Afterwards, you will receive your login details by email and you can then start working.
The login details are sent through an automated email system so it is very unlikely not to receive one. Just in case you have not received it, contact the support team at [email protected]
You can change your bank account details and login password from the app. However, you can not change your name, mobile number or email address. In some cases where these have to be changed, the driver should contact the support team.
There is an order form located in the trip page which gives you full delivery address and contact details. Simply take their number from there and call them. If you were not successful, call the operator and ask them for help.
Peykers would receive their payments immediately to the bank account that they provided after a trip. We process payments immediately but it is up to the bank to process the payment. Banks can take up to 7 days to process transactions.
Peyk users/customers would rate the Peykers with star ratings and can provide feedback. If a Peyker receives repeatedly low scores, then they could have their account suspended.
At the end of the trip, you would need to take the signature of the recipient whilst handing their parcel. Once the signature has been received, the Peyker would take no responsibility for the parcel. The signature is the best proof of delivery and could be used as evidence later on if any conflicts happen. Please note: Peykers should not sign it themselves!
First you need to make sure your device supports the app by checking your operating system and requirements. If you meet the requirements but still have problems, it is best to check if the app is updated to the latest version. Further problems and inquiries could be raised to [email protected].

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