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Thank you AWS!25/06/2019

Thank you AWS!

It was an honour for our executives to meet members of Amazon Web Services (AWS) at Collision Conference Toronto. We at Peyk, truly believe that AWS offers great cloud solutions for services like us and our developers simply love it!

“As the fastest delivery service in the UK, courier startup Peyk wants to give new meaning to instant gratification. Peyk Founder and CEO Salman Moghimi chats about what problems Peyk hopes to solve and what’s on the horizon in 2019. His colleague, CMO Alireza his vision for the future of instant delivery, his thoughts on the importance of developer and marketer alignment, and how AWS has helped the startup scale.”

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Apex Inside17/06/2019

Apex Inside

Thank you for the press Apex Inside. We hope Londoners enjoy Peyk as much as we love them too.

“A new, same-hour customer-to-customer (C2C) courier service called Peyk has launched in London. According to the company it follows an Indian sub-continent system where instead of delivering packages themselves across a town or city, people will use a C2C courier company.

As an example, should someone have tea with friends and leave their keys behind, instead of heading back to their house to get them, they would call Peyk who can do the job within 20 minutes of an order being placed on their app.”

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Thank You Courier News!14/06/2019

Thank You Courier News!

Courier News UK has pleased us with a great post on Peyk and how we are thrilling to benefit our society.

Peyk has launched London’s first consumer to consumer (C2C) courier service, to change the way Londoners send each other things. Across Asia and The Middle East when you want to send something to a friend or a member of your family, you don’t use the post, you use a C2C courier, a service that Peyk has now brought to London.

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Hello BDaily News13/06/2019

Hello BDaily News

What a better place to be seen at than BDaily news. A specialised UK business news page designed for Londoners.

“London’s first consumer-to-consumer courier aims to beat ‘next day delivery’ promise.

Peyk has launched London’s first consumer-to-consumer (C2C) courier service aiming to change the way Londoners send each other things.”

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