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What is Peyk?

Peyk is an instant 24/7 courier service platform offering the fastest and most cost efficient way for sending anything from A to B.

With Peyk, there is no limit with the courier container.

Your personal Peyker is ready to take your forgotten keys, important documents, home made food and any other life necessities to your chosen destination at any time.

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Benefits Of Peyk

Lowest Price
Instant delivery to any location in the town
Send any parcel
you wish*
24/7 at your
Private, Safe and
Same hour
Beating the traffic by only using mopeds and cycles
Unique security
labels & seals
24/7 Live Customer and Driver Support

We Have What You Need

Peyk is a platform that individuals and households send or receive anything within anywhere in the town instantly.

How to?
  • Download the Peyk app on your smartphone.
  • Use the Peyk Dash

Peyk allows offices to deliver any kind of documents to any location (office, institute, individual etc) on an instant occasion of request. This is the best way of saving time and money for the paper works and documents.

We suggest using our peyk dash!
  • Easy and Fast
  • Safe Online Payment
  • Instant Pickup
  • Return Trip Deliveries

Peyk allows in town stores and individual merchants who sell products to deliver to their potential customers instantly. This is a great solution for their logistics.

Schedule instant deliveries with the Peyk Dash.
  • No IT integration
  • Free tablet for use in your shop
  • Fast and convenient

What Our Customer Have To Say

What Our Customer Have To Say

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