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Experience the world's first peer to peer delivery made possible with autonomous robots.

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A Fast and Reliable
Real Time delivery now with Robots


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Designed for Peer to Peer

peykBot is designed for Peer to Peer deliveries. With customer experience in mind, the product is very ideal for personal and business deliveries.


peykBot has a fully autonomous driving technology that uses waypoints to drive across the town to complete deliveries on its own.

All Terrain Design

peykBot is designed to consider different driving terrains. From road obstacles to snowy weather, the Robot can handle it all.

Welcome to the world of Robotics

With every section of the product specially designed to deliver a true and unique autonomous
peer to peer delivery experience

peyk robot

peykBot V1.0

peykBot V1.0 was a milestone that was achieved by the team with the fastest possible time to get the message out there.

peyk robot
peykBot V2.0

peykBot Version 2 is a engineering success for a beautiful yet effective delivery robot. It has already made strong appearance in the market.

peyk robot

peykBot V2.1

This version of peykBot features strong technical enhancements that makes the Bot into a more unique and productive solution in real life scenarios.

Interested in partnerships
or collaborations?

The peykBot platform is built in-house, hence
we have the opportunity to keep our doors of
partnerships and collaborations open to everyone
interested to use the Robot within their facility.

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    Visit peykBot's official website to learn more about how this engineering success can help the delivery industry.

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    Some of your questions answered here :

    peykBot has already started its first trials in Qatar and will be operating very soon.

    Absolutely. Just fill up the contact form above with your details and a member of the team will guide you.

    It surely is. It has started operations in the State of Qatar and will soon enter the UK.

    Indeed. The peykBot will be available for enterprise partnerships and can be purchased along with support packages from Peyk.

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