Our Team

We belive in embracing an ethical community with our peykers and staff. Our aim is to provide the best service to all our customer’s and incredible peykers 24/7. Peyk prides in its human resource team and would definitely be growing everyday.

In this page, you can see our events, our hard working team and some community events.

As the Founder, I have always saw this gap in the market. I have been able to design Peyk, a simple platform that allows people to send or receive parcels instantly at the cheapest possible way. On the other hand, I have also maintained the significance of Peyk towards the drivers. We provide instant daily payments, an ethical working community, fully time flexible and most importantly work at any location they want. Hopefully, this brings the Peykers and Peykees form a passionate community to help create the next generation of deliveries.

As the Head of Marketing, me and my team have the duty to make sure that we use the latest marketing strategies to help Peyk become globally known. The whole idea of implementing marketing is to deliver customer satisfaction. We appreciate the commitment of our CEO towards marketing and I hope to deliver success in the marketing field.

Operations is the key factor at Peyk and I consider my duty to do the best I can to make sure that the operations team conduct all their roles at the highest possible standards. I believe that coordination is key and along with the guidelines set by the CEO, I am sure that me and my team could reach success.

As a Deputy Marketing Officer at Peyk, I enjoy the daily challenges that our team faces. No day is the same. It is a pleasure working with a team of such diverse backgrounds and I am able to learn and create unimaginable things at Peyk every time.

A good UI and UX design is what makes a brand unique. I and my team at Peyk tried our best to make sure we deliver quality designs throughout the different user interfaces to shine up Peyk.

My hobby is to create animations. Its very fun to work for Peyk and be able to manipulate different designs for the social media pages and most importantly be able to design a logo and avatar is is unforgettable. I am sure you have all seen Mr Peyker in the ads.

I enjoy being in the Peyk family since the beginning. The resources and the team they have provided is out of this world. I find it my duty to make sure that the Peyk iOS and Android apps always stay the best.

Networking and controlling servers is my passion and the Peyk family really makes me enjoy my passion more and more everyday.

As a day shift customer service advisor I find it extremely exciting to meet new challenges everyday. its really good to keep customers and drivers happy.

I meet new drivers in the enrolment centre everyday and its quite interesting to learn different cultures on a daily basis. I also find it very nice to help out drivers and welcome them to the peyk team.

As the night shift operator, i get to communicate with lots of new Customers and Peykers through the platform and live chats. It never gets boring!

I was born to do graphical designing. Peyk is a great place for me to open up my imaginations and be as much creative as I can.

It is always satisfying to amend issues in complex platforms such as Peyk. I believe that Peyk has created a great community for the backend team and hopefully we would stay as a family forever.

I really enjoy coordinating all the international queries of Peyk on a regular basis. It involves many different cultures and lifestyles which I love to explore every day.

My experience working as an intern at Peyk has meant that I have developed my skills in content creation and social media which I am able to transfer to different projects.

I have valued the skills that I have developed from this internship, whether it be from the people who have inspired me all the way through to the job tasks that I have participated in.

I have enjoyed helping this young and innovative startup to create such interesting visual content. I look forward to seeing the company grow and thrive.

My internship at Peyk has made me realise my interest and passion in content creation. I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to think outside the box and develop content that is unique and fulfilling.

Developer Team

Our 24 hours developer team make sures that softwares run smoothly to make your experiences as seemless as possible


Peyk is committed in celebrating success and involving the community with our family.

Techday London 2018 Event