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  • Be your own boss in working flexibly.
  • Avoid having pre-booked shifts! Simply accept requests wherever and whenever you are.
  • Easy to use iOS and Android app.

Benefits of A Peyker

Same day payments
Flexibility in Timings
Prefferred Locations
Ethical Community

All You Need

Car, Scooter, Motorcycle or even a Bicycle
A Smartphone
Correct License and Insurance

Words of our Peykers

" Different challenges. Different missions. Lots of nice places and interesting customers to meet everyday. I genuinely believe the flexibility and earnings I have as a Peyker is incomparable to others." Florido, Peyker

Whats Next?

1 Submit Online Application
2 Have Your Documents Checked
3 Start Your New Job
  • CBT License

    Grab your scooter through a simple scheme. In order to drive a scooter, a CBT (compulsory training certificate) is needed. It takes half a day and is valid for 2 years.

  • How it works?

    RideTo, UK’s number 1 platform for motorcycle training is partnered with us. With over 95 locations UK wide, RideTo provides the best availability, price and location near to you. They allow you to book your training on their training center across at the shortest time.

    The great news is that a Peyker benefits from an exclusive £5 discount with them.

  • How to apply?

    To get the discount, just call 02036039652 and quote Peyk You can also visit RideTo’s website or email them at [email protected]

Looking to lease a bike?

Our main aim is making sure Peyk delivers an environmentally friendly logistics so we do encourage our Peykers to use bicycles in urban areas. We have partnered up with E-BikesDirect which are a great platform to purchase a variety of electric and non electric bicycles.

You can benefit from deals of electric bikes from under £700.


  • No Insurance
    Or Licensed Required
  • No Road Tax
    Or MOT
  • Environmentally
  • Fast And Easy
    To Operate

Its Great.How Do I Get IT?

  • 1. Visit the E-BikesDirect website
  • 2. Take a look at the bikes suitable for deliveries
  • 3. Purchase online or contact them at 01580830959
  • We are delighted to provide a 5% discount on your next purchase with them by quoting the Promotion Code: Peyk

Peyk has partnered with Elmovo; the only flexible electric vehicle rental app truly fitting the gig economy. Download the app, match your working hours to vehicle rentals and start riding! Sign up for a 15-minute onboarding session and get on a scooter immediately after. And it gets better : Peykers are eligible for exclusive promotion and can get 2 free 6-hour sessions with promotion code PEYK12.


  • Easy bookings and cancellations via the app
  • Rental periods from 3 hours through to monthly from just £1.84 per hour
  • No petrol or insurance costs
  • Rental stations located for easy access with overnight parking and re-charging if required
  • Insured for delivery work including food delivery

Leasing an E-scooter:

  • Brand new E-scooter from just £79 a month, which you will own in 26 months
  • Minimum leasing period is the full term. termination before the end of the lease is possible with a bonus of 10% early repayment
  • Initial deposit of £500 depending on the model
  • Insurance, road tax and correct license (CBT or Full A) is required

Leasing an E-bike:

  • Brand new E-bike from just £50 a month, which you will own in 26 months
  • Minimum leasing period is the full term. termination before the end of the lease is possible with a bonus of 10% early repayment
  • Initial deposit of £250 depending on the model
  • No road tax, DVLA check and licensing required

What’s my next step? How to apply:

Register through their website at E-Rider or simply contact them at 01928583030

The perfect electric scooter

Our partner GreenMo provides a great solution for Peykers who are in need of a vehicle.
You can easily rent electric scooters from them and start working instantly.


  • Flexible terms – just 4 weeks minimum term (maximum 12 weeks) with no deposit

  • Food delivery and courier insurance

  • Access to free electricity through the
    POLAR network so you can charge on breaks

  • Tracking and theft detection

  • USB charging built in

That’s great. What is next?

Simply call them at 02078594564 Or click here to book your scooter Greenmo-uk.com

  • Delivery Insurance

    To become a moped or a scooter Peyker, you will need to have a delivery insurance that is suitable for courier and/or fast food delivery.

  • How it works?

    We have partnered up with MCE, a leading UK insurance provider specialised in providing delivery insurance at a competitive rate.

  • How to apply?

    To insure, simply visit their website at
    or alternatively contact them at 01933351361

We are here to help :)

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