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Marketing Director

Dubai, UAE & London, UK . Full Time

Marketing is the most critical department of a startup and needs professional experts who can achieve the company KPIs through cost effective measures.

Who we are

At Peyk, we are changing the last-mile delivery by deploying robotics as an alternative to tradtional delivery fleet. We believe that the future will be powered by clean and effective technological solutions, and we are committed to providing low or no-cost delivery services to everyone. We are a dynamic, fast-paced organisation that values collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Working with us

We are excited to welcome the next generation of tech talent to our team. In this role, you will play a vital role in selling and promoting our cutting edge robotic delivery systems. You won't just work on projects, you'll take the lead on larger, more complex endeavours. You'll also have the opportunity to attend global events, meet large organisations and represent a company who is well established. Your role will require interfacing with clients, attending mutual meetings, and representing us as a great product and team in cross-functional collaborations.

  • Apply by :

    30 September 2024

  • Location

    Dubai, UAE & London, UK

  • Work Type

    Full Time

  • Classification


About the role and its responsibilities
  • This role requires you find partners who are willing to use the delivery robot through the method of plan, research and execution.
  • You will have significant responsibility in finding quality partners that meets with the company KPIs and requirements this includes sustainable cities, universities, large organisations and brands.
  • Be able to attend related events globally or regionally to represent the brand and explore opportunities for new deals.
  • Understand the concept and value of PR in a startup and be able to manage this with a suitable PR agency or journalist.
  • Working in a fast growing company
  • You can truly make a significant impact by increasing sales and finding new opportunities
  • Small team with direct contact of company seniors making it easy to adapt grow
  • Competitive salaries, KPI based bonuses, awards and other benefits
You will need to have
  • A minimum of two years of marketing experience
  • Ability to research and communicate with strong persuasive language
  • Experience in working at a related startup or SME within the GCC
  • Confidence and professional attitude in the toughest conditions
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