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Conveniently download our iOS or Android versions to place orders with ease. Remember, you can have anything delivery within anywhere in the town instantly 24/7.

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Know about parcel type

  • Package Type

    Choose between a Parcel and Document

  • Check Eligibility

    Some packages such as Alcohol or Tobbaco is not eligible for delivery. More in the 'Terms and conditions'.

  • Size and Weight Restrictions

    Documents must be a reasonable size and Parcels should meet with the restrictions specified in the app More in the 'Terms and conditions'.

Get to know the exact location of your Peyker via our precise tracking

Place multiple orders at the same time.

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Have any parcel taken from A to B within matter of minutes. Along with our 24/7 real life customer service, we can surely assure you that your satisfaction is our priority.

Peyk Dash

A user friendly web platform designed for a better experience on computers. Specially made for businesses and enterprises to benefit from our 24/7 instant delivery.

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Personalised Profiles

Personalised profiles allows consumers and businesses
to have a different experience within the platform.

Safe and Easy
Return trip
Easy address

Any Parcel, Instantly!

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