Same hour delivery for enterprises

Transforming your customer experience from your pickup centre to
the doorstep of your customer through our instant same hour delivery.
Improving your customer satisfaction like never before.


Offer Same Hour delivery

Have the item picked up by the nearest Peyker within a matter of minutes and have it delivered to your customers doorstep immediately.

Transparency within your checkout

Integrate the Peyk API directly into your online checkout to benefit from an transparent delivery service.

Track until delivery completed

Get an estimated arrival time of the Peyker and enjoy the benefit of live tracking for each of your deliveries.

Testimonial of our API



Founder and CEO of Vendi

Peyk has become a fundamental partner in London. They cover the gap that traditional logistics companies don't offer in highly dense cities: that ability to send things instantaneously door to door. Being able to offer this service seamlessly through our app is a great value add to the experience and options we can offer the buyers and sellers on vendi.

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Interested to know more?

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We are here to help :)