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Become A Peyker


The Peykers are the heart of our company. Below are experiences of four different types of our Peykers that are delivering smiles everyday.
I’m a full time student and for me, time flexibility is the most important factor. I work whenever I want during the day and night with no shift or time limit!
Peyk is my second job and it was very important for me to find a job near my house and don’t commute far distance. That’s why Peyk was a great fit for me.
"Full time Peyker"
I love the nature of this job! Every day I have different parcels, products, boxes to deliver and I meet many different people. For me, this job will never get boring!
"House Wife"
As a lady, I always found it unique to be a motorcyclist. However, after becoming a Peyker I found many more female colleagues with same interests and hobbies, which made me even love my job more and more!


Same day payments

Unlike other companies, the Peykers get paid per job. The more they accept requests, the more they earn.


No time limits and no limits on the number of jobs. Simply work whenever you want.

Prefferred Locations

Choose the location you want to work anytime anywhere. Receive job requests whenever your online.

Ethical Community

Keep in touch with other Peykers and join us in the community events and tutorial supports. Watch out for them through your emails.

All You Need To Become A Peyker

Scooter, Motorcycle or even a Bicycle
A scooter or motorcycle is the fastest way to escape the traffic. A bicycle is also a great and eco friendly way to earn your money in the town.
Correct License and Insurance
Have the correct license along with the CBT (compulsory basic training) certificate. A third party insurance on your vehicle is also a must. Not required for cyclists.
A Smartphone
Unlike some companies, we have both iOS and Android applications. Just have a smartphone that runs iOS 7 and Android 6 an above.
Sufficient Equipment
A motorcycle jacket with a delivery box is also required. We can provide you one to get started. For drivers with other delivery boxes, make sure you stick a PEYK label on them (also provided, upon request)

Stages Of Becoming A Peyker


Submit Online Application


Have Your Documents Checked


Start Your New Job

Ready To Experience A New Life?
It's Worth Giving Peyk A Try

CBT License

Grab your scooter through a simple scheme. In order to drive a scooter, a CBT (compulsory training certificate) is needed. It takes half a day and is valid for 2 years.

How it works?

RideTo, UK’s number 1 platform for motorcycle training is partnered with us. With over 95 locations UK wide, RideTo provides the best availability, price and location near to you. They allow you to book your training on their training center across at the shortest time.

The great news is that a Peyker benefits from an exclusive £5 discount with them.

How to apply?

To get the discount, just call 02036039652 and quote Peyk

You can also visit RideTo’s website or email them at [email protected]

Looking to lease a bike?

Our main aim is making sure Peyk delivers an environmentally friendly logistics so we do encourage our Peykers to use bicycles in urban areas. We have partnered up with E-BikesDirect which are a great platform to purchase a variety of electric and non electric bicycles.

You can benefit from deals of electric bikes from under £700.


  • No Insurance Or Licensed Required
  • No Road Tax Or MOT
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fast And Easy To Operate

Its great. How do I get it?

  • 1 Visit the E-BikesDirect website
  • 2 Take a look at the bikes suitable for deliveries
  • 3 Purchase online or contact them at 01580830959
We are delighted to provide a 5% discount on your next purchase with them by quoting the Promotion Code: Peyk

Leasing an E-scooter:

  • Brand new E-scooter from just £79 a month, which you will own in 26 months
  • Minimum leasing period is the full term. termination before the end of the lease is possible with a bonus of 10% early repayment
  • Initial deposit of £500 depending on the model
  • Insurance, road tax and correct license (CBT or Full A) is required

Leasing an E-bike:

  • Brand new E-bike from just £50 a month, which you will own in 26 months
  • Minimum leasing period is the full term. termination before the end of the lease is possible with a bonus of 10% early repayment
  • Initial deposit of £250 depending on the model
  • No road tax, DVLA check and licensing required

What’s my next step? How to apply:

Register through their website at E-Rider or simply contact them at 01928583030

We are here to help :)

Get the support you need at our help section