Entrepreneurship Practices Through Business Game Challenges




UCL Entrepreneurs Society with the UCL School of Management hosted the Europe’s largest Business Game. This event is called ‘UCL Business Game’. At UCL Business Game, the participants enjoy a real-life business experience. During the two days, candidates were asked to solve demanding yet exciting problems that businesses face on a daily basis.

The UCL Business Game challenged participants in a manner far beyond what they might experience in a typical academic setting. these are based on teaching principles and fundamentals of business excellence to undergraduate students through a game. The aim was providing the participants a practical experience of work in business/consulting/marketing. Furthermore, networking opportunities with people from the world’s biggest companies. UCL Business Game had very strong Networking Partners such as Amazon, Mercedes-Benz and Thycotic.

A two-day long case study-based competition organised in partnership with the European Business Game Alliance and the UCL School of Management. The competition exposes students to scenarios and challenges faced by large corporations and promotes the concept of ‘intrepreneurship’. These are split into three different stages:

Candidates were confronted with 3 different challenges, each requiring a different approach. In only a few hours, steering their team in the same direction and presenting evaluated findings. This will form in a competition and the judges from the partners will choose the winners.


These business games and events are a perfect opportunity to meet and network with industry leaders. Find out about their work, present in front of them, receive feedback, and exchange business cards. Moreover, there are sometimes opportunities such as internship or taster courses.

With a focus on real-life business cases, candidates will get a real sense on how to better tackle everyday problems in different industries. This will enhance the creativity and problem solving solutions among the team members and participants.


The main challenges for the two day competition were for Amazon. Which they had allocated a £10,000 investment for return of a solution that can help them with their delivery services. Furthermore, there was a startup networking partner called Peyk. This startup is a creative last mile delivery service solution that has implemented the culture of instant delivery for local stores and households. So they shared their insight and the journey of using the idea of delivery problems and making it a cooperate company.

Teaching methods are a set of activities used for passing on or reinforcing some specific knowledge or content. The efficiency of a method depends on several factors including: who is using it, the aim to be attained, the students, the subject matter and when it is applied.There is no consensus in the literature on which teaching method is the best for a given task. This is not different for S&G as a teaching method. It is important to note that one cannot teach an entire course using S&G, but S&G can complement more traditional methods, such as regular lectures.