Comparison between Courier Services




Courier services and delivery platforms have been increasingly popular by people during last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

People tend to send anything by using these services instead of going out in order to decrease face to face contacts.

All countries and most of the businesses are struggling with declining economic index because of the quarantine and lockdown. In such a satiation, delivery platforms have been growing up and developing. People are not allowed to go out for shopping and eating so then it is necessary to use a delivery service to get all they need from outside of the house. Also it is safer as it prevents and reduces contact with people every day.

There are some different types of delivery services which is necessary to know if you are going to use them in various situations. Sometimes you need to send a document which the time of arrival is not important and you try to look for the cheapest service.

Some courier services are specialised food, local or international deliveries. Let’s take a look at some the most popular delivery services to see what exactly they are offering:

  • Royal Mail: An international courier company and established as a government owned company. It collects parcels and documents from post offices and street boxes and gathers all in the Royal Mail sorting centre preparing them for dispatch. It usually takes from 1 to 3 days to send a parcel with an average fee of £10.


  • Deliveroo: It is a delivery platform specialised in food delivery which you can order food from a great number of restaurants all around the town. You would need to pay for the delivery and the food and bear in mind that you can only order food through the list of their partnered restaurants.


  • Stuart: It is a delivery platform specialised in API integrated to different shops and restaurant platforms. Something like Deliveroo but you can order clothes, groceries and anything from other websites that have them integrated. An average delivery length of 2 hours with fees ranging from £10-30.


  • DHL: An established global courier service founded in the United States. It is an international courier service which you have the option to send parcels to anywhere all over the world through their local branches. Their deliveries usually take 2 working days and their average fee is £30.


  • Peyk: An instant courier service with an average pickup time of 15 minutes. Your pickup and drop off point could be anywhere within London. You can send anything from anywhere within the town and have it delivered instantly. The delivery fees starts from £3 making it the most affordable service in Britain. The platform offers an iOS, Android, Web and API version that suits users of all kinds.


Lets hope that the Global Pandemic smoothens and the society returns back to routine.