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Differences between Courier and Postal services




Many might be wondering what the difference is between a Courier and a Postal service. Even though they come from a familiar background, it is interesting to know that Postal services started back in the 19th century; whereas Courier services started in the mid 20th century within the US.

So what are the main differences?
  1.  Service quality
  2.  Pricing


Courier services are fast however with a larger cost mainly due to its features. It is a faster solution with a lower risk of damage. Parcels will also be handled usually by one or two individuals.

Postal services are more nationwide and also cheaper, but with a longer the delivery time. Tracking system and customer services are usually not available most of the time.

Small Courier Service vs. Large Courier Services

If we are going to talk about a small courier service we can say that it is more flexible for consumers and they can have potential relevance with the couriers team. It provides a more personal service, however it is somehow risky with restricted resources.

Large courier services provide impersonal services and is very hard to be customised by the customer. It has over control on the existing order and process, but it would be an effective experience for users. These usually face a stout structure with lots of users.


We can evaluate that courier and postal services can be classified differently with their generation gap. They each have their advantages and disadvantages so it is surely possible for you to easily choose the best and the most suitable service. Bearing in mind, you should always watch out for the price, speed of delivery, customer service, tracking and insurance.

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