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How to surprise your beloved ones when you are away?




Have you ever thought how to surprise your beloved ones while you are away? you might feel that you have missed the opportunity to make them happy, but as they say, it is never too late to do the right thing.

Whether you are on a business trip or you are out of town for any reason, there is no need to be worried because you still can do something nice for them to show love and appreciation.

Most of us love to be surprised. The fact is if we are willing to do something to make our beloved top of the world, there is always a way to do that and we are here to help you with that. 

Here are some exotic gift ideas 

  • Delivery of fresh flower

There is nothing like receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers delivered straight to your beloved one. It would be even more surprising if you send it to their workplace rather than house. 

  • Delivered a customised collection of luxe love chocolate box

Nothing says ‘I love you‘ like a delicious box of chocolates. And what if that becomes personalised with the first letter of their names and their favourite flavours. 


Find a meaningful card or even make one yourself and send it to your beloved one with a special note on it. Make it even more surprising by delivering it personally to the people you care so they get the extra element of surprise. 

  • A farmable memory of the night you met.

Whether it was the first kiss, your first date or that moment you think is so special for them, give them a gift that they can relate to that. 

Here is the story of Edina and her fiance Mark. Even though they live together, Mark was on a business trip in Vancouver on Edina‘s first birthday after their engagement. Mark found a smart way to surprise Edina with delivering personlaised notes and gifts with Peyk. Here is what Mark said:

I remembered my colleague Jack telling me a story one day in the office, we had an important meeting and he forgot the charger for his laptop. He immediately used his phone and get it delivered to our office within 20 min. I asked him how you received it so quickly, and he mentioned about Peyk.

On Edina’s birthday I recalled Peyk and its service, so I requested a delivery through their user-friendly app to send Edina her favorite bouquet flower and a bag full of luxury chocoaltes. This 2 minutes gesture made Edina so happy and emotional, she video called me with tears in her eyes. 

This is just a typical story among hundreds of comments we receive form our users  in this city.  Peyk is designed to be the leading C2C platform allowing customers to send and receive any package in the shortest time. by using Peyk, there is no limit with the container. Your personal Peyker is ready to take your items to your chosen destination at any time and anywhere in the city.