Last Mile Delivery Needs a Warehouse?




Extensive Network of Mini Warehouses: Warehouse Anywhere has an
extensive real estate footprint with over 10,000 mini-warehouses
nationwide. You can now place inventory closer to the customers, which
means you can less expensive shipping options while still meeting
customer expectations for free two-day shipping. Depending on the
situation, a decentralized warehouse approach can support same-day
deliveries. Decentralized warehouses can also support pop-up logistics for
seasonal surges.

Inventory Management Software: Warehouse Anywhere proprietary
software allows you to track inventory in real-time for increased accuracy.
You can help meet customer expectations for visibility as well as improve
your warehouse efficiency. Our advanced analytics provide a clear picture
of your inventory and the ability to respond to a rapid market shift. The
predictive software will help analyze demand against inventory to
support lean inventory and manufacturing principles.

LTL: Warehouse Anywhere provides organizations longer lead times for
businesses to be able to capitalize on LTL rather than overnight shipping.
LTL often fulfills the middle mile of the logistics process, moving products
along the way to the last mile. Therefore, typical LTL rates are lower than parcel
shipping, especially overnight delivery rates. Some carriers offer
guaranteed delivery times or other customized parameters for extra fees.
LTL carriers can also support homes delivery for large products such as
bedding and appliances that may require their own supply chain.

Auto-Replenishment: Retailers can deliver fast shipping at a lower cost by
encouraging customers to sign up for auto-replenishment. The predictability
helps reduce costs by allowing shippers to use lower cost services. Moreover, prices
for products shipped via auto settings will cost less than products ordered
on an irregular basis. Fast shipping for on-demand orders costs more. Above all, with
auto-replenishment, shipping costs are lower because lower-cost services
can be used while meeting customer deadlines. Live inventory tracking makes 2-3 day ground shipping possible with full transparency for

Find a Last Mile Delivery Partner For Your Warehouse.

An experienced 3PL like Warehouse Anywhere can help enterprises of all
sizes enhance their last mile delivery strategies to compete in the
marketplace of customer expectations for low-cost shipping.
Peyk is one of the strategic partners that can help many businesses and
organisations boost their sales.