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Londoners 10 Most Forgotten Items at Home




Most of us struggle with keeping our lives organised, and even when we think that we have figured life out we still end up feeling underprepared. Sometimes it could be something as little as forgetting your keys at work, but sometimes it could be as big as forgetting your passport at home when you are already at the airport! Either way, Peyk is able to act as your personal guardian angel ‚Äď looking out for you when you are too busy to look out for yourself.

There are many interesting articles about the most forgotten items in hotels, airports and holidays. However, there have not been many studies regarding the most forgotten items at home in the United Kingdom and more specifically, London. 

Peyk is an online platform providing 24/7 courier service in London. Peyk is the first European startup focusing on peer to peer delivery services. According to the recent research conducted by Peyk, there are over 3,400 daily peer to peer deliveries in London that averagely 35% of them are forgotten items. That makes up to 1,200 items a day. 

While a phone or computer charger is the most commonly forgotten item in London, there are many more forgotten items that frequently delivered among the individuals in the city. 

And though you may think mainly elderlies and over-55s are the most likely people to forget important items at home or workplace, it’s actually those between the ages of 19 and 28 who are the worst offenders.

This is the list of the Londoners 10 most forgotten items at home.

1.    Phone and computer Chargers 

2.    Keys 

3.    Letters

4.    Laptops

5.    Medicine

6.    Books/ Notes 

7.    Wallet

8.    Makeup

9.    Pet Food 

10.  Clothes

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