Boost in Online Grocery Delivery Service in Greater London




Borough Market has launched an online grocery delivery service

The market has just announced the launch of its online shopping service. They’ve teamed up with Bath based company  who are running the system for them. According to their research, every pound you spend with a local independent producer has a 60% greater benefit to your local community than spending it with a large supermarket.

There are currently 29 stallholders that are part of the initial project. Including Cannon and Cannon, Ted’s Veg and  the Parma Ham and Mozzarella folk, with more on the way. They only cover 1.5 miles delivery radius.

This concept is clearly showing the huge importance of Online Delivery Services in the grocery shopping in the day to day life of Londoners. Some companies such as Peyk have found a gap in the market in grocery shopping and willing to invest in that niche market. By using Peyk, you can simply deliver every product from any point in London to your step door in less than one hour. This one hour is guaranteed by the company and their average delivery time is less than 35 minutes.