Robotics in Deliveries




Robot deliveries is a new trend in deliveries that are conducted by autonomous robots within the town. They can pickup and drop-off packages without a delivery driver. Robots use a series of sensors and hardware as well as artificial intelligence to drive autonomously. Smarter robots such as PeykBot can also detect pedestrians and pavements to ensure a delivery is done in the safest and most efficient manner.

Some advantages of Delivery Robots

Delivery will be more efficient in time and cost because there would not be any lunchtimes, holidays, sick leave, or shift timings for the robotic delivery system. The cost of the investment in robotic deliveries seems to be high but it will be covered in a short time. The delivery quantities will increase and be more optimized.

Humans do not tend to do repetitive tasks, but robots are programmed for this. When human power frequently repeat tasks, after a while, they will lose concentration on details and make mistakes and errors that could cost the business. These kinds of risks would not happen in robots. Robots are accurately producing and acting based on the required standards set by the operator. Their chance of failing is very low.

Workers in some countries must work in unstable or perilous environments with potential injuries. Consider a company in which personnel needs to work in an dangerous environment aside from the protection facilities which need to be prepared, the risk of getting damaged and injured is high. Robots are offered to eliminate these risks.

Some disadvantages of Delivery Robots

Robotics can create potential damages in job securities and creates a very big concern that impacts humankind lives. Since Robots are doing tasks faster and more accurate, hiring traditional personnel will be eliminated and significantly reduced.

One of the biggest challenges most companies will face is the cost of investment in this technology. There will be a great number of questions like: How much does it cost to start? When do we reach breakeven point? Business needs to consider the growth of throughput and reduction of weakness too.

Another big challenge for businesses is hiring experts who are professionals in programming and operating robots. It is a difficult process and companies need to find the highly-skilled individuals in different technological and mechanical backgrounds to ensure a good team is made.

Overall, we all believe robots is the future of this world and despite some of its drawbacks, the world will still tilt towards autonomy and newer technologies. We at Peyk really believe in this and that is why we have invested in PeykBot.