How to use Social Media to Increase Engagement




Social media remain in continuous growth and by some accounts have become the main channel for costumers to experience and interact with the world. To help attain their goals, people join general or more specialized networks and search, share, participate, consume and play (Bolton et al., 2013). Social Media Engagement is very important as customers are well aware of the many different brand.Therefore the newcomers need something beyond average in order to open a space in their minds.

Why Social Media Engagement is so Important?

The social media phenomenon could be approached from several perspectives. First, from sociology or anthropology, networks favor interaction between people all around the world. Facebook and YouTube reached more than 1 Billion users. That means that more than one third of all Internet users in the world, and more than one eighth of the global population. These are active members of such networks. Second, from an economic approach, social media have an important value for the firms that own them. Although often users do not pay for these services. The recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft for 26,200 million US$ (more than 102 US$ per user), is an example of the potential value and high rivalry in the social media domain. Corporation’s strategic mergers and acquisitions to gather clients. Such as Facebook purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp, reveal how important is for companies to lead this digital evolution.

Moreover, the presence of massive amounts of data should mean something for the brands. The above mentioned consumer power require that businesses become more nimble, more reactive; we are not in charge any more. On the other hand, thanks to Internet accessibility, users both demand and provide information continuously, anywhere, anytime and through plenty of devices (Belanche & Casaló, 2015). The popularization of information use by numerous stakeholders leads to an exponential grow of Internet traffic.

The best game challenges for social media usage of businesses, are the games that are:

  1. Short and quick to complete.
  2. Attractive and eye catching for the target audience.
  3. It’s presented in a good channel. Usually the platforms that have the more entertainment causes such as Instagram and TikTok.
  4. It is relevant to the nature of the business.
  5. Used in a sequence of series and can be related or integrated with each other.


This is a typical example of our game challenges that we frequently post on our social media channels.