Take another look, maybe Peyk is the solution




As part of our testimonials and internal feedback sessions, we regularly interview and catch up with our employees and team members. Last week we had a chat with one of the deputy IT officers regarding their experience with Peyk. 

He started his testimonial by noting a recent article he read from the 1st International Physical Internet Conference, written by two incredible business scientists, Jean-Francois Rouges and Benoit Montreuil. In the article, they discuss in detail how crowdsourcing revitalises the delivery industry and consequently provides more fruitful results.

Despite having to maintain factors such as speed and personalized services alongside lower prices, crowdsourced businesses like Peyk are nevertheless able to make a big difference for retailers. More importantly, it allows for a significant reduction in the operational cost – an element which most businesses struggle to control and often becomes their fatal flaw. 

It is also worth noting the statistics which play alongside the downfall of many businesses. The insolvency statistics released by the British government indicate that there were a total of 16,106 insolvent companies in 2018 and 4,189 companies in the first quarter of 2019.

“I am not proposing that all of these insolvent companies have failed due to lack of collaboration with the new generation of delivery companies, but surely the right assumption is a minus mark in their balance sheet at the end of the year.”

 This correlates to a lack of equality between cost and revenue. Whilst outsourcing some of the activities would always remain as an alternative and sometimes this decision might save a company from bankruptcy.  

As the business environment becomes increasingly competitive, resource-focused companies with a clear aim to gain a core competence for breaking down the final cost are emerging. They come up with innovative and practical solutions which simultaneously make a positive impact on society. 

“I prefer to see each business as an active social actor rather than just a money maker machine and I am really proud to work with a company that believe value comes from making a positive impact on the society. So just imagine how many jobs could be saved by innovative businesses like Peyk. We are all actively interconnected to each other so if you think Peyk potentially can help any business to stay stronger, we would take it as a big mission to help them out. We truly believe in the social responsibility we defined and seriously follow it up as our priority.”