Top 100 Startups Under One Roof




Get To Know Top 100 Startups in Startup Istanbul

Game changer startups are the stars of this show. They are selected among 160,916 startup applications from 166 countries. These startups are the most promising startups of the region. These startups are the ones to be watched closely by the mentors, angel investors, VCs and global companies at Startup Istanbul.

Top 100 startups meet world class mentors, investors, companies and media in 4 days. Exhibition stand, opportunity to access demo day, mentor hours, workshops, boat tour and even maybe chance to be on the main stage as finalist are for just selected startups. Peyk was very honoured to be selected among the top 100 startups in this exhibition and compete alongside other 99 promising startups. Our management team were present at the event to network with the potential partners and investors. These are some

of the typical questions that are raised in exhibitions such as Startup Istanbul:

What are some of the risks that an entrepreneur faces and how would the entrepreneur mitigate them?

The biggest benefits and problems with being a founder of a company is that a founder is driven by passion and faith. And in fact on day one, A startup is closer to a religious organisation than anything else. You are actually driven by your belief that you see something that no one else does. And in fact that’s not only the reason you will succeed that’s also the reason that you will fail. Because very quickly for a startup to succeed you need to turn that faith into facts as rapidly as possible. The mistake is thinking that just because you believe that therefore it exists.

The whole idea about the lean startup movement says you know there are no facts inside your building, So why don’t you get outside and try to get some facts as early as possible. And that was my contribution to this portion called customer development.